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Using user's passport and digital data for verification

DM PLUS is a digital verification service for B2B clients.
We transfer user's passport and digital data to our B2B clients.
(a) eKYC
(b) ID verification
(c) Onboarding
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DM Plus providing data.

Clients can utilize user digital data such as passport data.

We provide the following user digital data to customers.

Name, passport type, Sex, nationality, expiration date, date of birth

Device information

OS type, language setting, region, carrier information, advertisement ID, etc.

Verified data

verified email address, verified phone number (SMS), NFC passport authentication result, and facial recognition authentication result.


Located nation, IP

DM Plus Solution Service

DM Plus Solutions

The DM Plus solution provides the following solutions.
Verification & KYC

Identity Verification or KYC solution using passport and facial recognition.

Fast onboarding

User Fast Onboarding solution through membership registration setting

Passport QR

Check-in and tax refund solution using mobile passport

Card Wallet

Credit card payment support linked to payment companies with the app card wallet function (+FDS)

DM Plus Solution Process

Solution Process

  • 1
    Step 1. Setting

    Our client sets up information to be requested from customers in the back office

  • 2
    Step 2. Data register

    The user registers the data requested by the client in DM Plus APP.

  • 3
    Step 3. utilize provided data

    User providing data is received and utilized by the client

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Customizable solution

The solution can be customized and used according to the client's requirements.

Use of trusted passport data

Through real passport authentication (NFC chip) and face recognition technology (Live 3D Matching), clients can use verified passport data

Global verification

Utilizing Passport data and user digital data, client can verify or authenticate global users.

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