DM Plus Main Features

DM Plus solution combines the key features of DM Plus app to provide a tailored solution for your business. The client selects the desired function and user information, receives the user's information, and uses it for business.
  • Passport Verification
  • Passport QR
  • Mobile Card Wallet
  • Backoffice
Feature Passport verification

Extract passport data and verify extracted data (2 step verification)

Passport Scan

With OCR extraction, passport data is extracted with 99% accuracy within 1-2 seconds.

Passport NFC Check

Check whether the extracted data and the information in the NFC Chip of the real passport match.

Biometrics verification

The passport photo and the user's face are compared and checked.

Use accurate passport data with 2-step verification

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Feature Passport QR

Generate Passport QR

Generates a QR based on the extracted passport data.
Passport QR can be used in offline/online situations where passport presentation is required.
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Feature Card Wallet

provides a mobile wallet function.

DM Plus app allows users to register and use credit cards.
It is provided with our payment gateway partner Eximbay.
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Feature Backoffice

Various functions are provided in the back office.

Customizing Rule

Use your back office to select DM Plus features to suit your needs and select the required verification data.


Use DM Plus solution to understand and analyze user-provided data, transaction details, and solution usage in real time, and apply this information to your business.


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