Provide passport and user data in the industry, both online and offline.

It provides a means to verify global users online/offline using technologies such as passport recognition module and facial recognition.
We not only allow you to customize verification services for your business, but also provide mobile applications and systems tailored to the needs of each industry.

It can be used for KYC and customer product registration and verification. In particular, DM Plus can be used as a global user verification method to provide financial-related services to foreign residents.

Crypto (Exchange, Payment)

We can provide identity verification and KYC for cryptocurrency exchanges, ICO, IEO, etc. In addition, it can provide a secure payment function using other FDS solutions for cryptocurrency payments.


The mobile passport QR can be presented in place of a physical passport at travel destinations. Check-in and tax refunds can be made in lieu of physical passports at hotels, airports and shopping.


Online stores can verify users when global users sign up and request specific permissions. In addition, it helps you to make payments more securely when making global credit card payments through payment processing solutions.


DM Plus applied to online duty free online shop L and H.

Credit card payments with EXIMBAY and FDS solutions from and Cybersource.

  • Passport Verification
  • Card Wallet

DM Plus KYC applied to crypto exchange L and P.
Foreign users perform KYC  with DM Plus.

  • Passport Verification

Consortium configuration Check-in and tax refund service using Passport QR

  • Passport Verification
  • Passport QR

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