Solution Verification.

ID Verification and KYC

Passport data extracted with OCR is verified by NFC check (real passport verification) and Liveness Matching (real user verification) using facial recognition. A verified passport data can be used for identification and KYC. In particular, financial and virtual asset operators can effectively perform KYC. In addition, you can enhance verification level by using other digital data of the user with the Backoffice setting.

DM Plus Features

  • OCR Passport extraction
  • ePassport NFC check (Real Passport verification)
  • Liveness Matching (Real User Verification)

Related Industry

  • Finance
  • Crypto (exchange, payment)
  • Ecommerce
Solution Onboarding

Fast Onboarding

Fast Onboarding solution allows you to quickly and easily sign up and log in trusted users.
E-mail or mobile phone number authentication and passport verification can be used to quickly join users into the service.
You can use it as a safe and fast sign-up and login in finance, virtual business, and various e-commerce.

DM Plus Features

  • email (or/and) SMS verification
  • OCR passport extraction
  • ePassport NFC check (real passport verification)
  • Liveness Matching (real user verification)

Related Industry

  • Finance
  • Crypto
  • Ecommerce
Solution Mobile Passport

Mobile Passport

Mobile passport for travelers, replacing physical passports. Passport data can be delivered electronically and non-face-to-face when it is necessary to present a passport such as tax refund, airline, accommodation, etc. It can be used in various ways in the travel industry as it is linked with the tax refund company and hotel PMS system.

DM Plus Features

  • OCR passport extraction
  • Genereating Passport Qr
  • Electronically presenting passport

Related Industry

  • Tax Refund
  • Hotel
  • Store
  • Travel
Solution Payment Processing

Payment Processing

The Payment Processing delivers user digital data including passport and card data to EXIMBAY, PG company, and FDS solution so that they can determine the suitability of the transaction. This allows customers to accept card wallet payments as well as authorize secure credit card payments.

DM Plus features

  • OCR passport extraction
  • Register Card Wallet
  • Linking with PG (Eximbay)
  • Linking with FDS Solution

Related Industry

  • Ecommerce

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